Tips for best lychee aloe drink

Three points to best lychee aloe drinkch you a way to choose Luntszyn aloe drink:

1: To know when best lychee drink was elected:

Best Dragon Well best lychee aloeis going a few days before Tsinmin (pure brightness, the fifth solar time) when new branches soon began to grow and be “one leaf and bud.” To make one kilogram (2.2lb) finished best aloe drink, 60, 000 tender leaves should be picked up. In the old days Dragon Well lychee aloe drink of this grade was designed exclusively for the imperial household, and he was thus known as “tribute best lychee drink.” this is one of the many reasons why Dragon Well best lychee aloe drink is so valuable. Dragon Well best lychee aloe can be obtained only for 6 weeks a year. Good pick aloe drink can collect only 2 kg of fresh leaves at 10 hours a day.

2: In order to know how and how long to fry lychee aloe drink:

After best aloe drink shoots are harvested, they must be fried in the same day. After collecting best lychee drink “dried up” best lychee aloe scattered to dry for 8 to 10 hours to remove moisture and reduce any grassy or bitter taste. After the aloe drink is dried enough, the “fried”. Pans typically uses bare hands roasted best lychee drink to feel his work. It’s very hot work and takes many years to novices strengthen their hands so that they do not feel the heat. Watching an experienced roaster dry best lychee aloe drink like watching martial arts. It takes 5 years for a beginner to learn the 10 hand movements needed to dry lychee aloe drink. Master roaster can only fry 1 kg of high quality best lychee drink Luntszyn every day. After roasting freshly processed Dragon Well best lychee aloe is ready to drink.

pineapple aloe drink

3: The aroma is also one of the most important factors in assessing the quality of the type of lychee aloe drink. Putting in the amount of 3 grams of leaves in 100 ml boiling water, people can judge the quality of the smell of best aloe drink. Dragon Well best drink fried, so it has a delicious aroma of chestnut, which should be high and sturdy. Floral brewed best lychee aloe drink with exceptionally long sweet aftertaste. Smaller best lychee aloe taste often weak, herbaceous or bitter.


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