Aloe Vera–Is There A Doctor In The House?

Over two thousand years humanity struggled to know all the plant aloe vera complications. Information found on Sumerian clay tablets dating from 2200 BC shows the plant used as a laxative. excavations continue to verify the increasing use of the plant at that time. Further historical findings show factory migrated from Africa to Europe and the Middle East.

aloe juices

Use increased throughout the centuries and evidence has been found indicating the Egyptians processing plant for export around 400 BC with boiled sap is the major product. Searching in your Bible will also find “aloe” used during this period. Read John 19:39 indicates that when Jesus died on the cross Nicodemus prepared the body with a mixture myrhh and aloe, using about seventy-five pounds for the job. The factory continued to spread throughout Asia and India and increase in other geographical areas.

During this process of introducing the treatment plant as “herb” popularity has decreased, although it never completely loses its attraction as a homeopathic remedy for many ailments and injuries. Sunburns, bee stings, scrapes and bruises: the aloe vera plant became a household basis in many areas for immediate antiseptic and analgesic therapy. Use treatments were limited to the availability of the plant. Here we come with industrial pharmaceutical curiosity.




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