The inner gel of the aloe vera plant contains

While still not fully accepted by the medical community of the many works miracles are starting to be known. The gel that had been squeezed from the plant for topical application to wounds has been known as a source of plant majority properties. This aloe gel is now known to consist of Mono– and poly , commonly known as sugars. These complex sugars are what is now believed that gives the plant its healing properties.

Taking a bit of a deeper delve into the chemical composition. Our bodies need amino acids metabolism. The necessary twenty can produce only twelve of them in order to rely on diet to supply the other eight. Guess what? – The inner gel of the Aloe Vera plant contains all eight of these acids. which acts as a natural sedative and gives us that wonderful afternoon nap! Further research produces enzymes. Somewhere there are around eleven enzymes in the inner gel of the aloe vera plant. Few are amylase, catalytic. All very romantic sounding names, huh?

aloe vera juice 2

But guess – are all necessary enzymes for proper utilization of the human body in the process known as LIFE! For pure boredom we could continue with mineral content. Minerals extremely deficient in the American diet of Big Mac . Minerals and vitamins – again very much needed in our everyday running life. And to top this off, the plant Aloe vera contains acid, a compound which is very close to aspirin in chemical synthesis. So we have a plant that will help you soothe a bee-sting. A plant that if used properly can act as a laxative. We can utilize the vigor gel as a source of vitamins, minerals, and acids. And we have a plant that will help us to rest and even put off if you do not get that big turkey dinner! Further research has shown the gel to be effective (taken internally) in some treatments of heartburn, helping to maintain blood sugar levels, reducing congestion and soothing hemorrhoids (OUCH!).




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