ACM website

And through the ACM website extrusion is the preferred method for the manufacture of continuous formats profiles used in many industries, including construction, aeronautics, automotive and electrical Aluminum can be bent and shaped into almost anything due to inherent flexibility of the metal. That is why manufacturer build aluminum frame solar panels in various sizes and shapes.

aluminum composite panels

The weight is only one third of marble, a fifth glass curtain wall, which can reduce the pressure of the building structure and the base with low maintenance and high cost performance. Most walls clad ACM website and aluminum veneer. Aluminum curtain wall processing is not easy to be polluted, it is convenient to clean and maintain. The non-adhesive property of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult to keep pollution. Aluminum curtain wall processing can be recycled, which is good for environmental protection. The company has a high return value. 4. Aluminum curtain wall processing has excellent industrial, and aluminum can be made into plane, arc and ball surface.


This is a renowned name in the decorative aluminum railing company Glass Pool Railings and ACM website fencing of the glass pool. With competitive price and service quality facility, fencing company is the first choice of Australian homeowners.

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