LED sign board

LED sign board and doors generally include three aspects: aluminum alloy profile, glass, metal pieces. The owners tend to pay more attention to the thickness of the aluminum and glass profiles when buying products, but does not have high requirements for the material, which is not comprehensive. In fact, the state has certain standards for the requirements for aluminum windows and doors.

sign board

The aluminum profiles used by quality aluminum windows and doors can generally meet the national standard in thickness, strength, and oxide film. For example, national provisions require: LED sign board thickness of the doors of aluminum alloy and the windows should be smaller than 1.2 mm and the thickness of the oxide film should be up to 10 microns.


While the glass is better than ordinary glass, considering the safety and durability of doors and windows, stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are better than the aluminum parts, POM material is best choice pulleys, because these products have a higher strength and resistance, which is smooth, non-susceptible during use wear. We need to know that the LED sign board door and window damage usually begins at the doors and windows accessories!

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